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SMark Technology Overview

SMark believes that only certified information guarantees a product’s origin. Two conditions must be met to qualify information as certified: trusted uniqueness and trusted origin. Our NanoSign Technology meets both of these requirements.

Trusted Uniqueness

The NanoSign marker supports uniqueness with around 15,000 randomly created pores within one square millimeter. This nano scale is our strength against replication. One could say SMark's Nanotech gives each product a fingerprint.

Trusted Origin

The Protected Data Content of SMark’s NanoSign marker contains product data and is authorized by a brand owner’s digital signature. By using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), brand owners are the sole issuers of NanoSign protected products. This transparently verifies product origin.

Technological features

Small size (min: 0,9*0,9 mm)

Destructible/Tamper proof

Privacy safe, no database

As durable as a bank card

Low production cost


SMark provides reading devices and APIs for checking NanoSign markers and verifying products. With our devices, users receive an accurate response concerning a product’s origin within a few seconds.

The check result screen displays product verification and any information stored within the NanoSign marker. Brand owners can store custom information within the marker: company name, brand, product name, country, production date, batch number, etc.
Professional reader for industrial use. Brand owner product checks (logistics, QM, sales…) Customs product checks and SMark services checks.
The scanner unit, which is used to verify the NanoSign, is a small handheld device that, when connected to a tablet, allows a security check at any time.

SMark InfoQR

The InfoQR is an extension QR code on SMark NanoSign labels and on other industry specific NanoSign solutions. This extension provides product specific information for the consumer and can be useful in company logistics. This also provides a digital marketing platform for participating companies. For authentic product verification, however, the NanoSign marker should be used.

SMark has also developed the FakeFinder system, a back-end track and trace solution. This system detects and identifies at risk markets using NanoSign checks and InfoQR readings. FakeFinder runs on SMark's server side, and uses a complex algorithm based on worldwide product checks and readings. The system provides alerts and reports about the market.

To see a demo InfoQR result, please scan the QR code with your smartphone, or click here:
InfoQR demo
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