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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How does SMark work?
Products are marked with NanoSign and InfoQR markers. Each piece of foil contains thousands of randomly created perforations and are signed by a brand owner’s digital signature. These two features make each NanoSign marker unique and almost impossible to replicate, even using the exact same equipment and materials.
How Can SMark help my business?
SMark helps businesses defend their IP rights by marking products, monitoring markets, providing real time statistics and providing legal support in trademark infringement prosecutions.
How does SMark monitor markets and enforce IP rights?
We are continuously growing our network of international customs offices and IP professionals. Together with these agencies, SMark performs checks on at risk markets identified by our clients. Additionally, through these checks, SMark and customs agents can advise clients on newly found problematic areas. Product checks are made at ports of entry/borders and at points of sale. SMark then provides comprehensive market reports. If suspicious products are identified and proven to be fake, SMark works with government agencies and the client’s legal department to prosecute counterfeiters to the full extent of the law.
How Can SMark be integrated into my business?
We have designed and built our own NanoSign marker producing machines. We can produce your customized security labels at our location, or a machine can be installed at your production/packaging site. SMark can also design a custom track & trace software platform. Alternatively, we can integrate our system into your existing IT network.
What if someone removes SMark NanoSign markers from products?
SMark NanoSign markers are tamper evident and destructible. This means if someone attempts to remove a marker, it will tear and be destroyed. Therefore, markers cannot be removed and applied to fake products.
How much does a SMark NanoSign marker cost?
SMark provides complete services, not only delivery of their markers. On the other hand, if we calculate a per label price from the supported services it will be cheaper than a custom hologram solution.
Do I have to buy a NanoSign check device?
In most cases SMark provides reading devices for companies and for customs officers. Consumer level devices will be available for purchase soon.
Is specialized training required to operate the reading devices?
Our devices have a small learning curve but are very user friendly and simple to use.
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