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InfoQR - Product Information

Product Details

Company: Sample Corp.
Brand: SampleBrand
Product Name: Product 500g
Country: HU
Production Date: 11-2022
Expiry Date: 11-2023
Serial Number: 100358

Trust Level

Total no. of readings: 4
Estimated distance of product: 345 km

Hungary: 3
Romania: 1
WARNING! This percentage represents the level of trust/proven origin (max 60%) for the information in the SMark InfoQR. Worldwide readings of our InfoQR labels create the basis of SMark FakeFinder system. With these statistics we identify suspicious markets and alert manufacturers and authorities. For 99.9% proof of trusted origin, please read the NanoSign portion of the label with a SMark device.

What is SMark marker?

SMark Marker SMark markers are based on a unique product identification technology which proves trusted product origin. SMark’s solution is evidence of authenticity in a court of law. Read more...

SampleBrand works together with SMark and customs worldwide to guarantee the originality of SampleBrand products. SMark’s FakeFinder system helps us to find fake products and ensures our customers receive only safe, original and high quality products.
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